Renna knew that fish sticks weren’t actually supposed to stick to you, despite the name.

So when at first the one in her hand wouldn’t let go she thought to herself “wow, this is unusual”.

Soon creaking sounds were heard and the nearby door smashed into her side. Then a pen flew from across the room, she managed to dodge it still half stuck to the door, but the pen changed direction and flew right back at her. This time it landed on and stuck to her thigh.

“What the hell is happening?” Renna thought to herself.

A piano interrupted…


  • A game developed in the Unity editor, which can be published as a WebGL game. Note that some shaders and other game elements are not WebGL compatible. I use Unity version 2020.2.0f1 but earlier versions should largely be similar and work similarly.
  • Installing Git
  • An account on the hosting website of your choice. In this guide i lay out how to host with respectively DigitalOcean, Netlify and Github Pages.
  • A Github account for hosting the code that is to be deployed.

Preparing the Unity WebGL Game

First ensure that the Unity game can run in WebGL. You do this…

Table of contents

* Prerequisites
* Creating the NodeJS API using Express
* Deploying the NodeJS API to DigitalOcean
* Appendix with screenshots


* Installing NodeJS and NPM. Please note, on the NPM page it advises to install NPM and NodeJS separately instead of via the NodeJS installer, to avoid potential permission errors. I have used the NodeJS installer myself to originally install them and not encountered any issues though. I have used NPM version 6.14.9 and NodeJS version v14.15.1 for this test.
* Installing Git
* Creating a Github account
* Creating a DigitalOcean account, if you use this referral link…

The dark journey

Little mouse in rooted bag, little knew of woolen shack. Jumped out from turnips all a’quipped. Fled behind a hooven fence. Sheep disguised and all a’bland. Mousey took a leap of chance. Ran in among the sheepen leg. Almost out a rat appeared. Mousey ran to verticer. Bit the sheep it took a stomp. Rat skull crushed but with a thump. Mousey jumped and mousey ran. Hiding in the hayest land. Of fat and folly is the tale. Of mouseys future barny bale. All a’winter he a’fed. Summer came and out he went. Fat and plump and fit for eating. Slurp said catty as she pounced. Mousey took another bounce. Off he ran in summers land. Here was hot and danger grand. Mousey lived with great a’djourn. Out his days in freedoms corn.

Photo by Ousa Chea on Unsplash

A thing that most people who have ever watched a crime show or read a crime novel will be able to tell you, is that a DNA test from any person can only give one result. And as such can help rule out doubt about a persons guilt in a case or rule out doubt about their presence at the crime scene.

As one would have it, sometimes the world changes to such a degree that it even changes the past, or at least our understanding of it. …

Alex Andreasen

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