Renna knew that fish sticks weren’t actually supposed to stick to you, despite the name.

So when at first the one in her hand wouldn’t let go she thought to herself “wow, this is unusual”.

Soon creaking sounds were heard and the nearby door smashed into her side. Then a pen flew from across the room, she managed to dodge it still half stuck to the door, but the pen changed direction and flew right back at her. This time it landed on and stuck to her thigh.

“What the hell is happening?” Renna thought to herself.

A piano interrupted her thought train as it crashed through the wall next to her in the most dramatic way you can imagine. Leaving the person 2 rooms away baffled on their bench, with their hands still positioned to play. The piano inched over like a cat wanting a petting, scratching the floor and making horrible noise on the way.

It… seemed almost like the items were trying to caress or hug her. Renna couldn’t make heads or tails of it.

The pen fell to the floor, the door swang back to its position and the piano felt somehow less clingy, if a piano can cause such emotions.

Renna stood, dust still swirling from the wall the piano broke down, trying to imagine how she might explain this to her husband when he got home.