The dark journey

Little mouse in rooted bag, little knew of woolen shack. Jumped out from turnips all a’quipped. Fled behind a hooven fence. Sheep disguised and all a’bland. Mousey took a leap of chance. Ran in among the sheepen leg. Almost out a rat appeared. Mousey ran to verticer. Bit the sheep it took a stomp. Rat skull crushed but with a thump. Mousey jumped and mousey ran. Hiding in the hayest land. Of fat and folly is the tale. Of mouseys future barny bale. All a’winter he a’fed. Summer came and out he went. Fat and plump and fit for eating. Slurp said catty as she pounced. Mousey took another bounce. Off he ran in summers land. Here was hot and danger grand. Mousey lived with great a’djourn. Out his days in freedoms corn.